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The Other Me

The best things in life are free.

Life by Numbers
(this more recent video has clear screenshots)

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Happy Birthday, Mom

Velma Casher, at age 76, in her office at the senior center.
She's 83 now and just a little camera shy.
Happy 83rd Birthday!

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The Fine Lines Between Two Worlds

Yes, my mother, Velma Casher, is still living. She's 82 and we still share the same home. This is an art video, one of several that I've made about my artwork and photo art, and I simply dedicated this surreal, artistic, upbeat video to my mother, to honor her while she's alive. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes, she likes this video. Thank you.

View the "Surreality" photo art album at Picasa

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Our Pal Lucky

"Lucky" Casher

June XX, 1994 — October 20, 2013

Died at Home Today of Natural Causes
19 years and four months old

Rest in Peace — You will be missed. A lot.
Photograph Taken on November 23, 2012
at Age 18 (and 5 months)

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Good-Bye and Farewell

Today I posted a good-bye and farewell message with a photo representing the blog author personality I use for each of my ten blogs here at Blogger. I've given up blogging mainly for personal reasons (that's about 75% of my final decision to stop blogging) and also for health reasons. About 95% of all traffic to my blogs comes from bots and referrer spam redirects in Russia and China (America's oldest enemies). Besides that, the Internet is as slow as a snail and unresponsive, mostly due to Prism, browser wars and hacking. Webmasters and surfers alike are addicted to Java and Shockwave like whores strung out on heroin or wired on crack. And neither app ever works right. Ultimately, your browser crashes, and I'd rather clean the dead leaves out of my rain gutters than sit in front of my PC like a fool, with a dead mouse in my hand.

I'll continue to maintain my websites, blogs and YouTube channel — as is — despite ongoing, malicious tampering of those spaces by powerful and cowardly people who think the world wide web is their oyster and nobody else's. To me, the world wide web is more of a spider web and a sewer than anything else. And a misinformation/disinformation highway. No thank you. Not my cup of tea. But you'll never keep me out. Not now and not ever. It always pays to be "a good guy", no matter how much it hurts. In the long run the good guys will always win.

My chronic pain level can no longer be controlled by over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Aleve, Orudis or Phenocane so that I can write and blog without distracting discomfort. I suffer from advanced degenerative disc disease, spasmodic torticollis, piriformus syndrome, arthritis, a partial and increasing paralysis of my left leg and feet due to lower lumbar laminectomy surgery in 1980 and 1990, in addition to four fallen arches and pronation of both feet. I drive without any difficulty because there is very little pressure on my spine for the short drives to the stores and back. The exploratory laparotomy I endured in July 2010 to find that a perforated appendix was the cause of my peritonitis saved my life but I've never been the same since. But that's life.

I drive under five miles to the stores once a week. It takes me about four hours to shop two stores just outside of town. One of those hours is spent unloading the car and putting everything away, like a pack mule who'd seen its better days a long time ago. I haven't walked without difficulty since I was 29 and I haven't walked without a lot of pain, loss of balance and discomfort for the past three years. I often use a cane (except when I carry things), depending on how I'm getting around that day. At 61, I'm not getting any younger. I am not comfortable sharing my private health issues on the Web but I feel that I owe what few followers I have an explanation about why I've stopped blogging. On the other hand, if you think this post is amusing entertainment then you represent something I've been trying to expose since 2002. A lack of respect for other people.

These medical issues have also affected my ability to write and create the way I used to. My first priorities will still be the everyday needs that all of us must address in order to maintain a home and move forward to the next day. I am still the primary caregiver for my disabled, 82-year-old mother. A county van, equipped for wheelchairs, has replaced my car as transportation to her doctor's appointments. I ride along with her as her escort and companion. We'll keep this arrangement of sharing this home, facilitating her need to live at home and her desire to be as independent as possible. Neither of us would have chosen this life path if we had known what lay in store for us. But human life is not the only experience we have. It's merely the one we have to endure. The best experiences, the ones we get to enjoy, are yet to come.

For the past several months I've been using my computer while sitting in an Adirondack chair with three bed pillows and four lawn chair cushions to prop me up. I use a lap board, balanced on my right leg and the right arm of the chair, to operate my mouse. But it's no longer worth the effort and increasing misery. So, I have stopped blogging. Period. This text post is not an afterthought, it's a planned text that I put on priority two yesterday. Priority one yesterday was to post my blog author images with links to disturbing, controversial and surreptitious YouTube content that I just discovered this past weekend.

Before yesterday I'd never heard of The Andromeda Council or The Silver Legion. I'm not saying this YouTube content is deliberately sinister and I'm also not saying that it's not. But, if there's one thing I've learned about living on Earth it's this: If it sounds too good to be true, you can bet your sweet ass it is too good to be true. And, more often than not, there's a great big rat lurking beneath. The older I get, the easier it is to spot and smell a New Age scam when I hear one but this Andromeda/Silver Legion scam takes deception to a new level. Are these the same Native Americans who hated white settlers in "the New World" so intensely that they killed entire families and even burned white children at the stake? Are these the same "Indians" who had their women skin white men alive, piece by piece? Are these the same "red" people who tied white men to anthills in the blazing desert sun and who sometimes placed their bound hands in a camp fire while tied in a supine position so these so-called superior and spiritual? villains could revel in their unbelievable suffering? Are these the same Native American souls who failed to evolve for thousands of years and who worshiped spirits and used pagan rituals to abet their own selfish, unbridled ambition? If they are, they can go back to where they came from. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST.

If these dark-souled vendors of lies, deception and enslavement can use YouTube to reach people they can just as easily give us a call or, better yet, just stop by. That's right, real contact of The Fourth Kind. On our turf. I'd bet a sawbuck I can tell whether or not they're lying to me over a cup of coffee in my kitchen. There. That's an open invitation to Tolec and Tanaath. My mother and I will serve you coffee and pastries and listen to you and watch your faces. You lurking, "superior" (my ass)Native-American/Andromedan-Incarnate "people" do have faces, don't you? Then show them to us. What the hell are you afraid of? Face us, you cowards. Then we'll know who's telling the truth and who's lying. Won't we? As for the rest of you, you can decide if these are the people who will be pulling your strings now. Have we finally evolved to the point where we accept responsibility for our own thoughts and deeds or are we still spoiled little brats who refuse to behave or grow up and who still blame everybody and everything else for what we've done to ourselves and to each other? What makes you think you're entitled to help "from above and beyond" if you won't help yourself? You are not entitled to help you do not deserve or to enjoy benefits you have not earned. If you can't run your own lives, then heaven help you. Me? I cut the strings that were tied to me a long time ago. You can, too. If you want to.

As an author of science fiction and literary fiction, I wrote independent and unaware of such things. I have no affiliation with any of this and I have no comments about the websites or the videos I've linked to in my final blog posts. My life as a writer, humorist, blogger and artist has been to share my discoveries about life, the world and the universe, as well as sharing the fictional creations of my fertile imagination. What you do with the concepts, notions and ideas I have presented to you between 2002 and 2013 is entirely up to you. I spent the last 11 years of my life trying to get this world to "Wake Up, Wise Up and Grow Up." And no one listened or bothered to say, "Thanks." Be that as it may. So, I'm done here. You're on your own.

Life is a discovery of many wonders and what we do with with those discoveries tells the world and the rest of the universe who and what we are. Be the best person you can be, each and every day, and the rest of your life will surely be an experience of your true destiny and not your fate. From Michael Casher, Mike the Obscure, Fred Fortune, Jonco Bugos, Little Green Man, Baby Boomer Boy and Ticked Off Ted, good-bye and farewell.

Main post body updated 01-22-14

09-02-13 post update: Yesterday, September 1, 2013, I discovered some more disturbing, controversial and horrifying YouTube content with the potential to become the horrifying truth. Six of my blogs now reflect a YouTube search list of related video content now linked to the farewell images posted on those particular blogs. The farewell posts on the other four blogs have links to disturbing content that offers a much bigger picture of our planet's current social, economic and spiritual malaise. All ten of my blogs now have relinked sidebar content regarding this sickening, dangerous, mind-control duping of an entire nation in a last-ditch effort to disarm the American population (literally). Original online news story links have been maintained on those sidebar elements.

The Obama Administration and FEMA even managed to dupe the entire world. Well, not all of us. As a science fiction author, I'm convinced that this is merely the earthbound powers-that-be in action. For the big picture, TURN OFF YOUR TV, start reading and start thinking. Pay attention to the world around you. ALWAYS question authority and dare to challenge any authority that is not in the best interests of everyone. Earth's real future is in our hands and nobody else's. Don't be dissuaded by viewer content warnings presented to you by YouTube or by clickable buttons that refuse to work and videos that don't load. They eventually will, if you're persistent. Keep going back. Google is "The G" and they're determined to keep you from learning the truth. About anything. Best of luck.

10-11-13 post update: An Internet truth-seeking tip from Michael Casher: If possible, avoid using Google Chrome. Google is not only the U.S. Government, it's the Web arm of the NSA and the New World Order. EVERYTHING YOU DO IS RECORDED. Every keystroke, every website you visit, every single search you do, no matter what search engine you use. That's right. Think about it. So, if you let the world lead you around by "the short hairs" you'll be an Illuminati slave ALL YOUR LIFE. If that's what you want, then I've got nothing further to say to you. On the other hand, if you want to know what life is like when you're finally free from the prison pf greed, fear and sensual bondage, READ ON. Otherwise, you are now part of this planet's biggest problem.

First of all, Chrome does not process Shockwave Flash like other browsers. They use a "Pepper Flash" app that works great when it works but most of the time it doesn't. What crap. Videos that play smoothly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc, will freeze and hang with Chrome, and this occurs because: 1) Google the Destroyer is "The G" and consequently their programmers are the dumbest this world has to offer and 2) being "The G", Google works hand-in-hand with the NWO and any web content that is truly enlightening (especially YouTube truth-seeking videos) have low-to-the lowest priority on Google servers, which are linked to the evil Shadow Government's giant underground computer banks in Nevada and Utah.

Google deliberately disrupts the feeds from its own properties when users are not using Chrome, so your browser choices will often be "six-of one and a-half-dozen-of-the-other" (meaning: what's the use?) but that, in itself, is not a constant. It's a roving, morphing lie. For example, I can't edit my blogs posts if I'm using Internet Explorer. Most of the time. The page just sits there saying "Error on Page" in my taskbar. What lying shit. Quite often, my photo, bio and book videos don't show up on my Michael Casher Page and my Jonco Bugos Page at Amazon. Amazon tells me it's the fault of Google Chrome. Google won't respond to my query because Google Chrome has no administrative support and it never did. Amazon is clearly lying to me because the same thing often happens with Firefox and Internet Explorer. The constant, here, is THE LIE. If this planet ever had a mutual god that is globally worshiped, it's the LIE. Additionally, I can't fully access most Microsoft sites using Google Chrome. This is not simply anybody's "Violation of Terms of Service", people. This is a case of deliberate lying and deception at the top. What those at "the top" don't realize is that they think they're "at the top" but they're actually the worst bottom-feeding parasites on this planet.

Finally, DUMP your affiliation with socializing sites NOW, especially Facebook, Twitter and Google +. They OWN all the personally-identifiable information you shared and most of what you didn't share and they will do whatever they please with it. Before and after the NSA gets done with it. Don't let them own you. And PAY NO ATTENTION to "psychics" and people who "channel" so-called enlightenment. They are you enemies, dispensing fear, lies and disinformation. Don't let them own you, as well. Above all, be brave, good, smart and tough. "Don't let the bastards get you down." because the good guys (that's you and me) will always win in the end. You want a good life? FIGHT FOR IT. It's the only way. Trust me. I'm just a regular, native earthling, just like you, fighting for what's right.

Update 09-13-13: See Reality Check on the sidebar and the two text links below that. For the last goddamn time, people, wake the hell up!

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Coffee Break